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Essentials for innovation and leadership.

On a planet thirsty for water, energy and innovative solutions, JM Eagle® delivers. The world’s largest plastic pipe manufacturer combines cutting-edge technology with best-in-class service and distribution to keep the “essence of life” flowing across the globe through the highest quality PVC and PE pipe used for delivering water, oil and gas. The world is a better home for life thanks to JM Eagle, a company that’s found an ideal manufacturing home in Wharton.

In a rapidly-evolving energy landscape demanding innovation in generation and delivery, Exelon Generation is lighting the way as one of the nation’s foremost competitive energy providers. When the Fortune 500 leader decided to upgrade its fossil plants with next-generation combined-cycle gas turbines (CCGTs), the Colorado Bend Generating Station in Wharton was one of the first plants chosen. The new turbines, the cleanest and most efficient in the nation, start fast and ramp up quickly—and that also describes the upgrade operation in Wharton, a city that industry chooses for swifter, more profitable startups and more rapid ROI.

Pioneering company NFRA is making global energy safer and smarter, allowing the monetization of stranded gas fields and eliminating petroleum gas flaring through its new GTL (gas-to-liquid) technology. For the company’s very first commercial-size plant, Mark 100, it chose Wharton.  And when Nan Ya Plastics, a division of Formosa Plastics, decided to move beyond its PVC rigid film calendar line with products for the APET (Amorphous Poly-ethelene Terephthalate) market, the company’s Wharton plant was selected for the critical—and successful—expansion.

Our existing industry tells the story: When quality, innovation and reach are mission-critical, Wharton is the proven choice, with leading competitive advantages for:

  • Advanced manufacturing: Make it better, deliver it faster at a lower cost with a right-to-work team and a supple supply chain.
  • Logistics, distribution and warehousing: Keep it here, get it there, when and where it’s needed, from a location in the heart of the NAFTA network, just a hour from Gulf ports, offering lower costs in land and labor.
  • Corporate Offices: Vision is critical for today’s business leadership, and clear thinking and strategizing are enhanced in a beautifully historic riverfront city offering a inviting, pedestrian-friendly downtown.
  • Startups/Incubation: Wharton has nurtured multiple success stories, and with downtown incubation space available, the city has both the space and the services to bring new ideas to life. 
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