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Company Relocation Services
Wharton Economic Development Corporation takes necessary actions to expedite projects that will enhance
the quality of life and stimulate future development. WEDC will act as a catalyst for solutions to problems
that cross geo-political boundaries in developing projects by:

Company Relocation South Texas
The Wharton Economic Development Corporation offers in a confidential setting, a no-fee consultation to
business and industry interested in relocating or expanding their operations to Wharton, Texas.  We
understand any business locating outside the Wharton city limits will have an enormous impact on our
community and for this reason, we wish to help all those coming to Wharton County.  We are willing to travel
to you or have you visit us in Wharton to discuss your business plan.

In the Corporate Relocation Process we request the following information:
  • Advise WEDC of the corporate relocation timetable to fast-track your move?
  • Knowing which local leaders or governing agency you wish to meet first?
  • Understanding the immediate Office Space required for your business initial process?
  • What WEDC needs to do to protect your company’s best interests?
  • What you need to know (and do!) before you even begin the commercial move process?
  • In the movement of your IT equipment & Business Phone systems, what is required to efficiently & cost-effectively the corporates need?
  • Who does WEDC need to be notified within your corporate office as the center point for information?
WEDC Company Relocation questions will be the key in making your strategic and operational decisions a realistic and efficient plan specific to meet your business

Corporate Relocation South Texas
Relocating or expanding your company will be easy with the assistance of the Wharton Economic Development Corporation.  We have the information that is
critical to the site selection process and we will respond quickly to your demands.  We want your company to locate and prosper in our community!

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Need more Information? please contact WEDC at 979-532-0999 with any questions you may have. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.
Chad Odom - Executive Director
1944 North Fulton • Wharton, Texas 77488
Office: 979-532-0999
Toll Free: 866-532-0999
Fax: 979-532-5257
Email: wedc1@sbcglobal.net
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