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Wharton Independent School District (WISD): System Analysis

Executive Summary: Student-centered, data-driven, the Wharton Independent School District (WISD) rose to the logistical challenges of 2017-18 and rose well above critical benchmarks through a strategic focus on core goals previously identified in instruction, staff and environment, along with an array of initiatives targeted for maximum impact. Currently, WISD prepares students for 21st century productivity and success by leveraging expert instructional resources, carefully enhanced and integrated technology and a deep dedication to student well-being.

2,201 Students
137 Graduates
76.6% College and Career Ready Graduates
31.6% Adv Course Dual Enrollments

The reporting below provides additional detail, including:

Priority Goal: Optimized student learning and engagement.
WISD supported the achievement of this goal through:

  • Enhanced instructional programming
  • Recruitment and retention of diverse, highly motivated staff
  • Superb learning environment conducive to achievement and student/community pride.

Notable Initiatives: Multi-front effort, holistic impact.
WISD’s wide spectrum of current initiatives have been designed and implemented to address diverse areas of student need with an end focus on broad-ranging student success. Initiatives include:

  • Dual-enrollment opportunity: ROAR Academy, the early college high school, combines onsite convenience, dual credit cost reduction and excellent college academics.
  • Targeted training: New CTE offerings are expanding licenses and certifications for enhanced employability.
  • Leading STEM instruction and programming: WSID’s STEM program has earned TEA’s highest opinion rating.
  • High-impact Interventions through RTI: The district is seeing more immediate results through Response to Interventions programming.
  • Balanced literacy: An evidence-based approach to literacy, balanced literacy encompasses reading, writing and word comprehension.

AVID: Another research-based strategy, AVID deploys proven methods of student support for college- and career-readiness.


Leader in Me: This elementary school program is designed to nurture leadership at a critical point in child development through the application of leadership principles and the creation of a leadership culture supported by academic alignment.


Faculty Recruitment and Retention
WISD is recruiting and retaining teachers through a competitive salary base of $43,945 for beginning teachers in 2017-18, and a pay increase of $945 for current staff.

Financial foundation: A
WISD’s financial rating of A is supported by high ratings by the TEA FIRST Report over the past 10 years, and the highest opinion rating over the past 25 years.

Accreditation and beyond.
Fully accredited by TEA and having met all standards in every grade range, WISD is reaching higher attainment in benchmarks (such as a 100% passing rate on Algebra I EOC) not only through academic initiatives but also through superior student engagement, incentives and family supports.

Technology: Upgrades paired with integration.
WISD maintains dual technology targets: A continual schedule of upgrades keeps hardware at high performance levels and students engaged through features such as 1:1 Chromebooks in some classes. Equally important, a full-time technology integrationist assures that technology, rather than used as an overlay, is instead a seamlessly applied and leveraged instructional component.

Grants and Scholarships: Exceeding the $1.25 million mark.
The excellence of WISD’s graduates is borne out by grants and scholarships of $1,265,000 in 2017-2018, monies supporting graduates’ college and career success.

IN BRIEF: A systemic analysis of the Wharton Independent School District shows the district is achieving its goal of “Preparing Today for a Competitive Tomorrow” through a variety of means and objectives.


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